Wedding Lighting Ideas For Romantic Weddings

Lighting in any wedding is and will be an important part of your romantic wedding decor. It is a big trend today, and the style of the lighting sets the wedding theme and the mood for both the guests and the big wedding day, plus it adds a feeling of warmth, comfort and happiness to the wedding night.

Whether it is the choice of bulbs, candles, string lights, chandeliers or even lanterns, please take your time in selecting the right lighting (the color of the light and intensity of the light) as it must blend well with your romantic wedding theme!

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Below are five fun and delightful lighting ideas for your romantic wedding.

1. String Lights

With the right choice of string lights, it adds warmth and charm to the night, even to a rustic barn.

2. Light Bulbs

Those plain, simple old light bulbs are very plain but if you use a little bit of touch and imagination, it can look spectacular at night!

3. Hanging Lanterns

Lanterns are very adaptable, easy to use, and can be hanged anyway – from the ceiling to trees! Better still, the lanterns can be used in all kinds of weddings, plus it looks pretty during the day and night.

4. Candles

An old one but a nice one … candles! For the ultimate mood in romance, candles offers the best ambience in lighting, intimacy, warmth, charm and romance. Best yet, you can use candles to suit any style of wedding.

5. Captured Fairy Lights

why not use both fairy lights and the Hurricane candle holders to offer a wonderful charming element and enchantment and let the fairy lights shine within the Hurricane.

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